Welcome to Doctor Niloy

Doctor Niloy is the CEO and Founder of Online Warriors-21. My team is in the business of making things happen for you and your business with the help of a dedicated and reliable Real Estate virtual Assistants!

Who We Are & What We Do

Online Warriors-21 is a freelancing company to upgrade your business to the next level. We started our journey in 2021 as Virtual Assistants. Now we have 4 sectors to help you. The sectors are-

  1. Real Estate Virtual Assistants
  2. Web Development and Design
  3. Data Entry
  4. Digitial Marketing

Our Main goal

Offer outstanding virtual types of assistance to actuate business development and improvement of our client’s lifestyle, while enabling the group’s private and expert development all together to understand their own exceptional reason.

Our Onboarding Interaction


We collaborate with you to track down a Menial helper that best suits your requirements. We comprehend that what you really want isn’t simply any menial helper – but a seasoned veteran of finishing things in record time and effortlessly, regardless of how enormous or little the assignment is.


Delegate work that you would rather not do or that could be computerized. Separate tedious undertakings and dole out them to individuals who are best at them. The business will develop by permitting workers to zero in on what they excel at, which will prompt higher benefits for your organization.


It is our main goal to ensure that you succeed. The work that you do is all significant, however, your VA can assist you with accomplishing more by giving you back the time that you want to zero in on your business.

Now We are working with Following Companies –

*Abundance Real Estate Group LLC
* Snapflip
* Deal Dash
*Blue Tide Investment Group LLC
*Goodyear Capital
* Unwavering Enterprises LLC
* Vantage Major

Why Pick Us?

Our north-of-5-year history as a REI VA organization has permitted numerous financial backers to expand their portfolios and become more adaptable in their businesses and lives.
We are very disciplined and dedicated in any of our task. We provide our best services to any kind of task. We know about our client’s expectations so we try our best to provide such kind of quality task.
To know more about us or if you have any questions contact us and we will always be there to give you answer.

Doctor Niloy

Today, we are plunging into the intriguing universe of the MBBS specialist. Being an MBBS specialist isn’t simply a calling; it is a calling, a pledge to serve humankind, and a craving to have a significant effect on individuals’ lives. 

MBBS, which represents Lone Ranger of Medication, Unhitched Male of Medical Procedure, is an undergrad practitioner training that outfits people with the vital information and abilities to rehearse medication. 

This complete program covers a large number of subjects like life systems, physiology, natural chemistry, pharmacology, pathology, and some more, getting ready specialists to analyze, treat, and forestall diseases.


MBBS, Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi Medical University, Bangladesh. CEO & Founder of Online Warriors-21.